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Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 @ Zoe’s Garden

It’s here…Twisted Hunt Fall 2014, and the theme is Time Warp. No, no, not Rocky Horror, but revisiting old themes from prior Twisted hunts. So there are some roses for you in a vase which gives you Twisted flashbacks, but since the roses are so old, they’re not looking so hot these days. Probably doesn’t help to have a little skull keeping watch over them! There are lots of Twisted Extras, as usual, and they’ll all give you flashbacks, so sorry about that…Twisted Flashback Roses Hunt AD


Twisted Hunt @ Zoe’s Garden

It’s time for the Twisted Hunt again, and Zoe’s Garden has some twisted looking floral arrangements, both as the main gift and as the side gifts. Don’t miss the many twisted themed items for sale around the store as well, if you want to really beef up your collection. Enjoy!

Twisted Hunt Spring 2014 Hunt AD Twisted Extra Gifts

The Twisted Hunt Carnival Hunt @ Zoe’s Garden

It’s that time again, and the Twisted Hunt Carnival approaches, beginning on September 1. Zoe’s Garden offers the Last Ride Carousel, a carousel full of different gruesome ways to die, all set to oddly happy music. Yours for the taking…if you can find it.  There are also five additional hunt gifts if you’re feeling up to the challenge. Have fun!Last Ride Carousel Hunt AD

Zoe’s Garden in the Twisted Hunt, Spring 2013

The Twisted Hunt is irresistible for me and I can’t wait for it to begin, which it finally does on March 1. I’ve been in a greenhouse mood lately, so I made a Twisted Greenhouse from Zoe’s Garden, which has some happy animations and some not so happy ones, as well as some creepy plants…It’s yours if you can find it.  There is also a gacha machine with many twisted extras as well as some fun low priced Twisted stuff. Your extra hint is…”Please stop watering me!” Have fun!

Twisted Greenhouse AD


The Twisted Hunt Fall 2012 @ Zoe’s Garden

The Twisted Hunt starts on September 1, and Zoe’s Garden is offering The Hanging Tree as the twisted gift. This tree has sculpted curling branches, and four of them catch careless visitors…and hang them.  Available at Zoe’s Garden at Mieville Wells. For the intrepid hunter who wants an extra hint – look in dark corners…