Zoe’s Garden @ The Candy Factory

Pirates are the theme at The Candy Factory this month, and you can pick up some old pirate themed beat up lounge chairs with multiple sit animations for only $35L each! As always, The Candy Factory begins on the 1st of each month.

Old Lounge Chair - Pirate AD Old Lounge Chair - Surrender the Booty AD


Zoe’s Garden @ The Candy Factory

It is the one year anniversary at the Candy Factory, and Zoe’s Garden has a free gift, as well as some sand related offerings. Enjoy!

GIFT: Lillies in Jar - Funky Leopard CF Gift Tasha's Raft AD Lazy Day Lounge AD

Zoe’s Garden @ The Cookie Jar Spring Festival

The Cookie Jar is holding both a Spring Festival Hunt as well as a Gacha Event. You can find the hunt item in my CJ store and the gacha in the “gacha garden”. The hunt item is free and the Gacha is only $15L per play. Have fun!

CJ Spring Festival GACHA AD Spring Roses CJ Spring Festival Hunt AD

Zoe’s Garden @ the Mieville Midway Gacha Festival

Halloween is fast approaching, and there is no better place to pick up spooky decorations than at the Mieville Midway Gacha Festival.  There you’ll find a crowd of gachas offered by various merchants, as well as booths offering other spooky fare at vastly reduced prices. Here are some of the items that you’ll find in the Zoe’s Garden Gacha, only $15L!Mieville Gacha AD