MadPea Green Mire Hunt @ Zoe’s Garden

It is time for another creative MadPea Hunt, and you’ll be making a stop at Zoe’s Garden this time! The Green Mire story concerns alien abduction and so you will get an Alien Captive Chair if you can make it through the MadPea challenge…MadPea Green Mire Hunt AD


Twisted Hunt Fall 2014 @ Zoe’s Garden

It’s here…Twisted Hunt Fall 2014, and the theme is Time Warp. No, no, not Rocky Horror, but revisiting old themes from prior Twisted hunts. So there are some roses for you in a vase which gives you Twisted flashbacks, but since the roses are so old, they’re not looking so hot these days. Probably doesn’t help to have a little skull keeping watch over them! There are lots of Twisted Extras, as usual, and they’ll all give you flashbacks, so sorry about that…Twisted Flashback Roses Hunt AD

The Renaissance Hunt @ Zoe’s Garden

The wonderful Renaissance Hunt begins on September 1, and Shakespeare is the theme! So you can pick up a lovely framed Shakespearean quote as well as some coordinating Lillies. Don’t forget to check out all of the other hunts going on during September at Zoe’s Garden.Renaissance Hunt IV Hunt AD

Zoe’s Garden @ The Cookie Jar Spring Festival

The Cookie Jar is holding both a Spring Festival Hunt as well as a Gacha Event. You can find the hunt item in my CJ store and the gacha in the “gacha garden”. The hunt item is free and the Gacha is only $15L per play. Have fun!

CJ Spring Festival GACHA AD Spring Roses CJ Spring Festival Hunt AD