Real life beckons and I find myself without the free time to devote to managing such a large store, so I have decided to close Zoe’s Garden.  After three years it is a sad thing to do, but the right thing for me and my family, especially my two little girls who need more of my time.  I didn’t want to do one of those six month long drawn out closing sales, but I did want to give everyone an opportunity to buy a couple last things while you can still see them in world, so I’ve reduced everything to $50L or less through the 17th.  This includes all the flowers, landscaping items, fountain, benches, greenhouses, floating islands, wedding FAT PACKS…everything.

The store will close promptly on the 18th.  I plan to remain open on the Marketplace and I anticipate that I will still build some new things when I have the time, so I will post new stuff here every once in a while.

It has been an honor to build for all of you, and flattering every time you like something I’ve created enough to purchase it. I thank you for your patronage over the years, and wish you the best in SL.  ❤  Adele Rhiadra


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