Zoe’s Garden is in Prim Perfect Magazine – Valentine’s Day Edition!

For the Prim Perfect Magazine Valentine’s Day Edition, the lovely ladies who run The Cooke Jar, Jiovi and TWAT Michigan, issued a challenge to some of the Cookie Jar designers to see if we could decorate Linden style homes within the brutal 117 prim limit.  Each house was assigned three designers, and I was fortunate enough to be paired up with Cara Ametza and CarpeDiem Turbo of Allure, and Silky Bellflower of ButterfliesTM.  All of them are very talented and loads of fun to work with.  Cara and Carpe tackled the bedroom and came up with an absolutely beautiful and romantic scene.  Silky decorated the living room and her couch is to die for, as well as her other items.  I decorated the exterior of the home, and contributed two floral arrangements in the living room.  I also did quite a bit of the landscaping around the village.  Everything in our house, as well as the other houses and the landscaping, is for sale and priced low enough that a new resident can afford them.  Did I mention that everything is really low prim too?  You should stop by the Cookie Jar Linden Home platform and see what everyone came up with. In the meantime, here are a couple pictures!


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