Frumpy Furniture Hunt @ Zoe’s Garden

Zoe’s Garden is in the Frumpy Furniture Hunt, run by my good friend Xandra Bressig, who runs the Sour Pickles Hunts (and has the really great store Sour Pickles). She is also quite funny, and one day declared that grass is furniture.  Well, it isn’t to my knowledge, but this is SL after all, so after I stopped laughing I declared that I was making grass furniture as my hunt gift. So….we have Xandra’s Grass Lounge.  It has multiple sit and lay animations, with room for two, so stop by and pick it up! As usual, I give you all an extra hint, so my hint is that you should look for my Wagon Wheel Benches and you’ll find the hunt item.  Have fun hunting!

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