Zoe’s Garden in the Peaster’s Castle Gridwide Hunt

Zoe’s Garden is excited to be part of the Peaster’s Castle Gridwide Hunt, a hunt that is really out of the ordinary and has already been featured on the SL Destination Guide.  With a castle full of traps and a mystery to solve the hunters go on a gridwide quest visiting some of the most amazing stores in Second Life looking for keys in order to be generously rewarded for their efforts.  Hunters wear a HUD and when you have found a key, your hud marks it as found and you will receive an instant prize.   Once you have found all 50 keys, go back to the the castle and click at the big Peaster’s Statue.  It will offer you a ride to the lost Vault towards big riches!  Make sure to explore the castle, there are hidden easter eggs for you too!  You can pick up a HUD at the landing point at Zoe’s Garden, or travel to Peaster’s Castle to get one there.  Either way, enjoy yourselves!



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