SL House & Garden TOO

If you loved SL House & Garden (I did!), then you’re probably sad that it has gone on an indefinite hiatus.  No more notices, no group chat. So I was pretty depressed this morning….until I found out that there is a House & Garden TOO!  If you want to find out about all the new house and garden stuff in SL, then you’ll want to join this group.  It’s a wonderful way to get consolidated information from designers, as well as ask questions of the other members about where to find something that you just have to have.  Do a search for the group inworld, or copy and paste this link to join: secondlife:///app/group/7a7b9ede-d51d-408e-bd49-d633a66e934d/about.  Of course, you can also just join from my groups if you want to look me up inworld.  Hope to see you there!  Adele Rhiadra, Zoe’s Garden

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