The Home & Garden Expo 2011 is Here!!

At long last the fabulous Home & Garden Expo 2011 is here, with amazing home & garden designers showcasing their best creations over ten sims, all to help raise money for Relay for Life.  In addition to the beautiful items offered for sale, each designer will offer at least two NEW RELEASE items for sale, with 100% of the proceeds from the sales of those items going to Relay for Life.  Zoe’s Garden is offering three items to raise money for the cause, as well as a hunt item.  The RFL items are some beautiful Pink Sculpted Roses, Pink Sculpted Calla Lillies, as well as a LIMITED EDITION Ivy Bench & Birdhouse, which will only be sold for RFL events and will not be for sale in the store.  This Ivy Bench & Birdhouse is a lovely white bench and birdhouse, draped in graceful pink ivy.  A little chickadee sings quietly to you, while guarding the nest of pink eggs which are nestled inside the birdhouse. A very sweet addition to your garden, as well as a contribution to the cause.  In addition to the RFL items, there are many NEW RELEASES from Zoe’s Garden available for the first time at the Expo, in addition to a new GROUP GIFT.  Take some time to come visit these designers and see what they have prepared for you.

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