Letter of the Week: “J”

Well, I don’t have many items that begin with the letter “J”, so I just renamed a couple things. I have put up my Relaxation Pond (“J”ust Relax), my Pair of Swans (“J”ust the Two of Us) and my sculpted TealPurple Strelitzia (“J”ewelled Streliztia) on sale for 50% off.  My Relaxation Pond comes complete with a reading pillow at the base of the tree, along with two books (one leather, one floral), two animated lounge poses on the rocks by the water, and a little bird who sings to you every once in a while.  My Pair of Swans includes one black and one white swan, both of whom would make a graceful swimming addition to any pond.  Finally, my sculpted TealPurple Strelitzia is sculpted with vibrant colors, and comes in a brushed silver planter.  Truly a striking and unique flower.  These are on sale at my main store for $150L, $150L and $75L, resepctively.

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