WEEKEND SALES – 60L Weekends & Letter of the Week

This week I have some of my favorite bamboo arrangements on sale for Letter of the Week, which is “Z”. I cheated a bit on the letter and just added in *ZG* before the descriptions.  So I have my *ZG*Tall Bamboo, *ZG* Twisted Bamboo and my *ZG* Bamboo Figure Eight, all on sale for 50% off. 

In my $60L Weekend sale, I am offering my BRAND NEW “Anywhere Window”, a picture window where you can set up anywhere you like, and choose 37 different scenes to view out of your window.  You can also change the texture of the curtain, cushion and pillows, and there are two animated sits on the window bench. There are three wood finishes to choose from.  I am also offering my Gardening Bench, which I released about a week ago. This lovely little bench is smaller than my Gardening Shed, and has a flower arranging animation, as well as an array of sculpted gardening items, such as scissors, a gardening hat, a basket of lovely sculpted cut hibiscus flowers. The bench itself is texture change, so you can change the shade of the wood to suit your needs. Finally, I am offering another new one, my Rustic Shelves, which come complete with decorations, and is also texture change.  

Have a great shopping weekend!

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