LOTS of sales…since it is almost Valentine’s Day, and all.

Ok, even though I am not the romantic type, I love making romantic stuff.  More importantly to you, I have LOTS of stuff on sale so that you can set the mood and make your honey happy. I have the following items on sale, some at my main store, some at the Shed, and some just on the Marketplace:

MAIN STORE: NEW RELEASE Floral Candles (six versions) – $60L each; NEW RELEASE Sculpted Plumeria Planters (all colors) – $60L; NEW RELEASE Sculpted Rose Trellis (four colors) – $60L; White Couples Fountain – $100L; Sculpted Red Tulips – $75L; Sculpted Orchid in Glazed Planter (large) – $100L

ZOE’S GARDEN SHED: Sculpted Pink Rose in Hearts on a String Vase – $50L; Sculpted Strelitzia in Red Heart Planter – $50L; Sculpted Blood Red Strelitzia – $50L

MARKETPLACE ONLY: The Letter of the Week is “V” so just add “V”ery Romantic to the beginning of each description: Lillies & Orchids – $150L; Light Purple Hibiscus – $100L; Bamboo Heart – $75L.

Just a couple pics:

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